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Motocross Tenerife 365 Rental

Motocross Tenerife the unforgettable experience

You want to experience something on holiday and not just hang out on the beach?
Whether you're young or old, you'll have the coolest experience of your life with us. Motocross is one of the most action-packed sports in the world and on Tenerife we can experience it 365 days a year.
No matter if you are a beginner or a pro. With us you go back to the beach with a smile on your face.

100% SAFE   |   100% QUALITY

Greets from Motocross Tenerife

Motocross Tenerife
Motocross & E-Cross Offroad Action für jeden

with the largest range of off-road & Motocross bikes on Tenerife.

On our official motocross track you will experience unique action and lots of fun!

It doesn't matter if you've ever ridden a dirtbike before. We have the right choice for every level! Never try - professional

Our Bikes

FUll preped high quality dirtbikes. E-POWER - 350ccm.  (Yamaha, Husqvarna, Fantic, Torrot, SUR-RON).

Prices Rental MX

You have 2-3 Hours Time to ride your 60 or 90 Minutes on Track!

10:30-13:30 and 14:00-17:00 o`clock

125 | 250 | 350 | ccm

150€ 60 min. 175 € 90 min.
  • Fee Racetrack
  • Protection clothes
  • Trackside support
  • Instructions
  • Fuel, Oil, etc...
  • 3 Hours Stay

    Trainer 50€ p.H

** Individual offers are very welcome. (FULL-DAY, pick-up, MX trips incl. hotel, etc.)

E-KIDS | 65 | 80 CCM

99€ 60 min. 125€ 90 min.
  • Fee Racetrack
  • Protection clothes
  • Instructions
  • Trackside support
  • 3 Hpurs Stay

    Trainer 50€ p.H

** Individual offers are very welcome. (FULL-DAY, pick-up, MX trips incl. hotel, etc.)

! Electric FUN 4 EVERYONE !

55€ 25 min. 99€ 60 min. 145€ 90 min.
  • Fee Racetrack
  • Protection clothes
  • Instructions
  • 3 Hours Stay

* max. 99Kg Body weight

** Individual offers are very welcome. (FULL Day, pick-up, MX trips incl. hotel, etc.)


You know Go-Kart?
Than you know GO-Cross!
From 10 years - open end

  • 08 November 2022

    Sonst schreibe ich keine Rezensionen aber ich kann und muss diese Weiterempfehlung schreiben!! Die EBikes sind der Knaller, die Strecke ist super und Fabian konnte mir meine Angst nehmen wieder auf ein Zweirad zu steigen. Tolles Erlebnis, tolle Betreuung… danke Fabian!! (Translated by Google) I don't usually write reviews, but I can and must write this recommendation!! The e-bikes are a hit, the route is great and Fabian was able to take away my fear of getting on a two-wheeler again. Great experience, great support... thanks Fabian!!
  • 06 November 2022

    I had amazing time at 365 Motocross, and would definitely recommend it! Fabian is great teacher, it was a pleasure learning from him! :) Thank you! 🙈
  • 20 September 2022

    Wow. What a place. Went to overlook the track. As we’re booked in this coming Sunday. Thought we would try out the surron bikes. Fabian was so welcoming. He got us on without no problem. ( what a guy) 👌. Amazing time we’ll worth the visits. Hospitality and price well worth it. I would extremely recommend a visit. See u Sunday mate. 💨👊
  • 18 September 2022

  • 24 August 2022

    Very good experience would recommend to everyone to try it ,Fabian was very professional and talked me through everything ,it’s definitely worth trying out
  • 24 August 2022

  • 19 August 2022

    Beautiful experience, I recommend everyone to go and try, very nice place
  • 19 August 2022

    Me and my friend were looking for a track where we could rent and ride motocross bikes in Tenerife and this place was perfect! Plenty of bikes to choose from and all kit provided. Fabian was a great host and gave useful tips to improve our riding. All round great experience, highly recommended!
  • 07 August 2022

    Wenn es einen Ort auf Teneriffa gibt, an den ich sofort wieder zurückkehren würden, dann ist es Motocross365! Meine beiden Jungs (8&10Jahre alt) hatten so viel Spass, obwohl sie noch nie Motocross gefahren waren. Fabien ist unglaublich professionel, hat ne Unmenge von Geduld, ist vorsichtig, super Kontakt mit den Kindern, gutes Material, ein unglaublicher Spot,…..immer wieder! (Translated by Google) If there is one place in Tenerife that I would return to in a heartbeat, it's Motocross365! My two boys (8 & 10 years old) had so much fun even though they had never ridden motocross. Fabien is incredibly professional, has tons of patience, is careful, great contact with the kids, good material, an incredible spot,.....again and again!
  • 04 August 2022

    Had an absolutely amazing experience here with Fabian. I have never driven anything more then a bicycle, but still I had the most amazing time. Absolutely the highlight of my holliday. Whatever level you're at, it can't be worse then me. The last time i've been on my bicyle has been years ago. And I have never driven on a moped or scooter, and still he could work with me towards a very enjoyable (although exhausting!) experience. Fabian is a great teacher, and there is a super relaxed athmosphere. What can I say, im hooked.
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