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sur-ron light bee

Surron Light Bee
Sur-ron light Bee 2022


  • COC Europe Sur-ron (L1EX)

    We are official Sur-ron Distributer in Tenerife- for Cacary Islands.
    SUR-RON have two versions: The legal (L1EX) version comes with all the necessary accessories and is approved by us in Tenerife (45 kmh). The OFFROAD Version (X) have more power but not legal on streets (75 kmh). Contact or visit us for more information and testrides.
    NEW 2022 with X-Controller included.

    Retail Price= 5499,00 € READY TO RIDE
    - Tax
    - Matriculacion
    - inspección inicial
    - handover certificate

  • Frame and quality

    SUR-RON has been developing electrically powered high-performance two-wheelers since 2015. We distribute surron in Tenerife with the full-service and spareparts business. The frame is one of the most safety in the world and win the reddot award 2018.

  • Performance & Security

    Battery cells of the type Panasonic 18650, a high-performance battery management system with battery charge status display and 4 temperature sensors for real-time monitoring enable excellent energy efficiency, a long service life and a high level of security.

  • Price

    Ready to ride 5.499,00 €

Detailed Look

Feel the power
of e


    • Length:


    • Seat hight:


    • Width:


    • Height:


    • Wheelbase:


    • Wheight:


    • Max Load:


    • Front fork travel:


Angel & stroke
  • Forward Angle:


  • Steering angle


  • Front shox:


  • Rear shox:


Performance & Transmission
  • Max. Power:


  • Top speed (L1E / Offroad):

    45kmh / 75 kmh

  • Riding modes:

    Sporty + ECO mode

  • Cooling:


  • Cooling:


  • Range:

    Up to 100km

  • Max Torque:


  • T-Type:

    Chain & Belt

  • Ratio:


Electric setup
  • Controller:

    60V Sine wave controller

  • Charger:


  • Battery:

    32A Lithium 176 Panasonic Cells (removeable)

  • Loading time:

    3-4 hours

Tires & Brakes
  • Tire size F/R:


  • Wheel size:


  • Scheibenbremsen:


Bike Specs

SUR-RON Testride Tenerife

SUR-RON Electric Bikes offer a wide range of solutions for Security, Military, reconnaissance and environments where rapid deployment is required. Electric Motorcycles offer an unmatched combination of stealth, speed, endurance.

Sur-Ron experience – some locations can also utilise Sur-Ron (road legal and off road) machines for exploration tours and tourist expeditions. With low maintenance, incredibly low running costs they can be an ecological low footprint way to tours islands, holiday complexes worldwide.

We are official distributor for SUR-RON products with high quality SERVICE and RACING upgrades on canary islands.

SUR-RON Tenerife Upgrades


  • Street
  • Offroad
  • Individual


  • FOX
  • DVO
  • Öhlins

Rear shox


  • Leightweight parts
  • individual upgrades


  • Ubgrades
  • Individual mods
  • 30% more (FACTORY)
  • Tires

    • Street
    • Offroad
    • Individual
  • Suspension

    • FOX
    • DVO
    • Öhlins
  • Rear shox

  • General

    • Leightweight parts
    • individual upgrades
  • Controller

    • Ubgrades
    • Individual mods
    • 30% more (FACTORY)

Info & FAQ

What is a SUR-RON Light BEE?

A SUR-RON Light BEE is not a Motocross Bike and not a ENDURO Bike. It`s more like that!
The SUR-RON Light BEE its a special design for a lot of fun and high end development.. The weight is 50 Kg with 250 NM Torque. You can go legal on street, on tracks or freeride everywhere with noiseless electric power drive unit up to 75 km/h.

Every detail of this SURRON bike is thought out and no expense is spared when needed to make a reliable high performance off road machine.

SUR-RON Alibaba?

We do not recommend to buy a SUR-RON from "Alibaba" or other brands there not official SUR-RON distributor!
- grey imports
- fake bikes / SCAM
- no COC Papers for EU
- penalty duty
- no warranty

SUR-RON Upgrades?

We do not recommend to buy SUR-RON upgrades from unspecific dealers! We have a lot of tunigs parts in www. Please dont buy unspecific batteries, controllers, and so on from unofficial dealers. When you buy SURRON tunig parts from other dealers, make sure that they have warranty and service!
- ! Maybe NOT SAFE !
- no warranty
- danger of life

Unspecific SUR-RON Versions

SUR-RON Official have ONLY this Versions of Bike 2021 / 2022:

- SUR-RON Light Bee L1EX (COC)
- SUR-RON Light Bee X (Offroad only CE)
- SUR-RON Light Bee S
- SUR-RON Storm Bee

No XX, no XXX, no FRX, no stinger, no talaria, no SXE, no SX
no SEX except with SUR-RON OFFICIAL ;-)


My company ROCKSTAR Ventures S.L stands for quality, service and high end bikes and parts!
We test SUR-RON bikes very hard over one year before we make the partnership. The frame is a masterpice of engineering and designed for hard sending stuff.

I trust SUR-RON and hope we grow togehter in electric Motorsport!

Fabian Künnemann

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