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Tenerife is one of the best place for Enduro. 365 Days per year perfect conditions. Powersports with sun & palms. Any questions?

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We have been operating on the permanent circuit of San Miguel de Abona for 10 years.

In 2004 we started the first outings with motorbikes. Many riders visited us since then, and now we are ready to try the new

we are ready to try the new challenge with ENDURO motorbikes.

Our friends / group has the experience to give you advice on riding and repairing your bike and to give you the technical service you need for your bike.

technical service you require for your 'nina'.

Working with recognized and certified brands allows us to give our visitors good help to solve problems.

Unlock your Power

What you need & What you get

With 125 cc, 250 cc / 350 cc 2 or four-stroke motorcycles you can live a day as a professional rider and if you take your gopro cam, it will be possible to relive a day of fun at home!

220 BPM
2-7 Hours
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Enduro on tenerife

125 | 250 | 300 | 350 | ccm


110 €    2 Hours
180 €   4 Hours
230 €   7 Hours
20 €     Equipment

  • Motorbikes
  • Professional Guides
  • + 25% for Private Tour

** Individual offers are very welcome. (Pick-up, MX trips incl. hotel, etc.)

Our Bikes

Willkommen auf Enduroteneriffa!

We are a group of friends, lovers of enduro motorbikes on the island of Tenerife. With our expert enduro riders you can enjoy a unique experience among the excellent landscapes of this island of the Canary Islands. Our challenge is to leave you with the desire to ride again on the tracks of the south of Tenerife, lunar landscapes near the sea, sand, volcanic rock trials, environments and many other varieties of trails, which will make you live a dream that you will never and then never forget!

Two, four or seven hours of enduro, about 80/100 km of riding, a stop to taste the cuisine of the Canary Islands, then back to the starting point. This is the programme that awaits you for a day of real enduro! With 125 cc, 250 cc / 350 cc 2-stroke or 4-stroke motorbikes you can experience a day as a professional rider and if you take your gopro cam with you, you can relive a day of fun back home!

Ready to start the adventure?  Contact us, we will inform you and help you to live your enduro day!

If you want to bring your own bike, bring it!  We'll ride together to the first chiringuito :- ))

Normally we meet at the motocross circuit of San Miguel de Abona (road TF 65 direction San Miguel de Abona - S.C. de Tenerife). 



I've been riding motocross since I was 5 years old. After an accident at the age of 12, I was very scared and started again at 26. Now i am back on track. I am not fast but safe ;-)

Motocross is the second most demanding sport in the world. You always have to be 100% mentally and physically. You need to know exactly about your body and when you have to stop. On the other hand, you have to go over your limits with a lot of respect, otherwise you will stop learning.

Enjoy the ride with Enduro Tenerife

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