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Offroad & Motocross
School Tenerife

Our rules

1. Have FUN!

2. Safety first

3. Learn the Basics in Offroad & Motocross

3. Bring your skills to the next level


Everyone can ride a Dirtbike Bike!
The crash course is suitable for all who want to try offroad motocross in Tenerife for the first time. After this course you will be able to move the bike safely over the track.

E-Moto | 125 | 250 | ccm

229€ 2 Hours
  • The Bike
  • Ride technic
  • Body Technic
  • Ride on track
  • Maximal 5 Person

  • Track fee
  •  TAX
  • Protection clothes
  • Trainer 1 Hour
  • Deutsch / English

** Individual offers are very welcome. (Pick-up, MX trips incl. hotel, etc.)

Beginner & Advanced

Everyone can ride a Offroad Dirtbike! This course is for everebody they want to learn how to ride a dirtbike step by stepn with the right technic and knowledge in backround. When you have experinece, we bring you to the next level.
Beginner - professionals.

E-Moto | 125 | 250 | ccm

299€ 4 Hours
  • The Sport
  • Offroad Theorie
  • The Bike
  • Ride technic
  • Body Technic
  • Sectional training
  • Jump Technic
  • Corner Technic
  • Ride on track
  • Maximal 5 Person

  • Track fee
  • Protection clothes
  • Trainer
  • Drinks
  • Deutsch / English

** Individual offers are very welcome. (Pick-up, MX trips incl. hotel, etc.)


Professional Offroad School
on Tenerife

How to

Motocross & Offroad is one of the most demanding sports in the world.
At Motocross Tenerife we ​​want to bring you closer to this sport in Tenerife South. We rent motocross, electric cross and children's motocross motorcycles.
If you book a course with us, you will receive a full service offer.
After you have arrived, we will show you our area. At the start there is an introduction to the sport, which also contains a bit of motocross theory.

After a short coffee break, we put on the equipment and do a small "sports warm-up" where we get to know the motocross motorcycle.
Technique and posture (body movements) are decisive for riding a bike safely.
We then proceed to section training with the information we have gained.
At the end, each driver can do his own laps along the entire route.
You don't need to worry, you're in safe hands with us.

We have two groups 10:00 - 14:00 / 15:00 - 18:00

We have cold drinks and a terrace where you can relax.

More than a sport
"Our Benefits"

  • General

    Motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, requiring both strength and skill.
    In fact, this extreme sport is often totally underestimated in terms of physical constitution - both by novice riders and by outsiders who think that it's just riding a motorbike and that basically the bike does all the work. Exactly the opposite is the case.
    Motocross requires the combination of endurance, strength/stamina, mobility, balance, physical agility and mental "fitness to ride "ahead".

  • Body

    Riding motocross is a whole-body workout in which all muscle groups have to deliver maximum performance. Our core body plays a central role in maintaining the correct position on the bike at all times. In motocross, we ride in an upright position, where the back extensor, tree musculator and hip flexor play a central role. But also the arm and shoulder muscles (deltoids, biceps, triceps, hands, wrists and forearms) are enormously important to be able to move the bike successfully on the rough and difficult terrain. And if we do all this at high speeds, we are in the condition of an exceptional athlete.

  • Mental

    Nutrition = physical fitness = mental fitness.
    This equation plays one of the most important roles not only in motocross or sport, but also in life. If we assume a race distance that lasts 30 minutes, we are at maximum concentration for every millisecond for 30 minutes. Also the stress level under race conditions but also during training in terms of environment and mental demands is enormously high. In addition, we need a strong will to defeat our inner pig dog.
    The result is safe, confident riding on the track with a lot of fun.

  • Technic / Technology

    Motocross is racing. In racing, we work with the most advanced material and products. We have to deal with engine technology, chassis technology, geometry, physics and, in the future, electric drive systems. This aspect is a perfect opportunity, especially for children or adolescents, to learn a wide variety of subjects through their hobby and to automatically continue their education while having fun.

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