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We love what we do.
It’s our passion and more like a sport


Fabian Künnemann

More than a Motorsport School

Our Founder and Trainer Fabian combining his knowledge and experience from professional motorsports, business & health.

  • 1984

    Born in germany

  • 1989

    Start with Motocross

  • 1993

    Third Place germany north Team Popko

  • 1994

    Vice champion germany north Team Popko

  • 1996

    Big chrash -> Fear & break

  • 2002

    Study Electrical engineering

  • 2007

    Work in management

  • 2009
    Back to Motocross passion
  • 2010

    E-bike development

  • 2015

    Upper Management & Burn Out 1

  • 2016

    First company Smart Garden

  • 2017

    Upper Management & Burn out 2

  • 2018

    Second Company XV RACING

  • 2019

    Self employment psychology & mentalship

  • 2021

    Change life Tenerife ;-)

Learning with fun, passion & discipline

is the best way to learn and acquire knowledge. Our concept combines motorsport and education in a new unique way.




Motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, requiring both strength and skill.
In fact, this extreme sport is often totally underestimated in terms of physical constitution - both by novice riders and by outsiders who think that it's just riding a motorbike and that basically the bike does all the work. Exactly the opposite is the case.
Motocross requires the combination of endurance, strength/stamina, mobility, balance, physical agility and mental "fitness to ride "ahead".



Motocross is racing. In racing, we work with the most advanced material and products. We have to deal with engine technology, chassis technology, geometry, physics and, in the future, electric drive systems. This aspect is a perfect opportunity, especially for children or adolescents, to learn a wide variety of subjects through their hobby and to automatically continue their education while having fun.


physical & mental

Nutrition = physical fitness = mental fitness.
This equation plays one of the most important roles not only in motocross or sport, but also in life. If we assume a race distance that lasts 30 minutes, we are at maximum concentration for every millisecond for 30 minutes. Also the stress level under race conditions but also during training in terms of environment and mental demands is enormously high. In addition, we need a strong will to defeat our inner pig dog.
The result is safe, confident riding on the track with a lot of fun.



I have been riding motocross since I was 5 years old and am intensively involved with the theory of racing. Through my own company in racing, I fortunately had the chance to talk to many professionals and could constantly improve my knowledge.
Through my own experiences, I have been involved with psychology since 2009. In my career in management I was responsible for many employees and enjoyed an elite education. English is also a part of the school.
Today I combine this knowledge and would like to pass it on to future generations. Enlish is a part of my school.