E-Freeride Tenerife

Exklusive & private E-Freeride trips in Tenerife. We show you the best places to enjoy your experience. Noiseless Adventure to feel the POWER of E.

What you need & What you get

We have different routes for you. For beginners to enjoy the get OFF feeling with bikes and for professionals to push your limits. Included protection gear & brand new Bikes / E-Bikes.
The E-Bikes top speed is maximal 45 km/h and ready to ride for EVERYONE. Also for Kids!

180 BPM
1-4 hours
Trans Alps Adventure

Electric Power

The next chapter in motor sports are electric powertrains. We can do motor sports noiselessly and emission-free in the middle of big cities and nature.

Its so amazing when you ride niseless on Tenerife.

Actionsports and motorsport are one of the most respectful sports on earth I see myself as an ambassador for this transformation and want to inspire others to use these opportunities!

I ride bikes since 1990.

Fabian Künnemann
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