Motocross for kids

What you need & What you get

We try to create a community in Tenerife that enjoys sport. If the children then want to dedicate themselves to this hobby to the fullest, that should be 100% their decision.

1-4 Hours
Trans Alps Adventure


Motocross is a sport like any other. Of course, later on, the speed contributes to the fact that you can injure yourself accordingly. This makes it all the more important to deal with this sport and machines correctly and, above all, with respect.

MX4KIDS is not about turning the kids into professionals. It's much more about: responsibility, respect, concentration, self-confidence, body awareness and, above all, fun! This is in the foreground at MX4KIDS. And yes! The children will also fall and "hurt" themselves.

Motocross and the whole motorsport family around is my freedom.

Fabian Künnemann
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