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A lot of people are burnt out and have no more energy... Every day the same tasks, emails around the clock, busy schedules, kids, friends and many more. That`s completely normal in a fast-runing world. The results are: unhappy, burnouts, depressions, weakness, unsuccessfull, and so on!

MY GET OFF Strategy is a combination of 20 years of professional sport, business and my own experience. Leave your "normal" life for a couple of days, reload your Energy and get back to the fast lane.

The most important fact is:

I am not telling you anything new!
My workshops are based on psychologic facts! NO bullshit, no magic, no mambo-jambo! You have to keep working on it after my coaching.

Get off strategy

Get Off & FBMM

Our brain needs variety and new impressions to be strong and efficient. Take a cold shower!


Fear is essential for life. We need it to grow and become more resilience.


Do you live in a fucking dirty environment? No? Then don't put waste in your body either!


The more negative influence your thoughts and faith sets, which you get from your entire surrounding field, have on your life, the less you feel real life and the less can you be on focus and powerful.


Motivation is work, work and work. You just need the right tools. It is a key gamechanger.

Get OFF Strategy
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  • Analize

    If you don't open up, we don't need to start!
    The most important rule is, tell me everything or go back home!
    We don`t need bullshit, we need the trust.
    We want to define your fingerprint.

    WHO AM I?

  • Targets

    Targets arise from knowledge about yourself. They are the most important things to develop further.

    Let`s create targets!

  • work

    The hardest part! When you are not ready for a "KICK ASS" go home!
    When you work with me, you should be ready than ever before!

    Are you ready for a KICK ASS?

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