E-bikes in perfection that move.

The unique M1-Sporttechnik e-bikes are the first choice of all e-bike enthusiasts. They are particularly characterized by the enormous range of the batteries, the extremely powerful TQ drive in the SPITZING EVOLUTION and STERZING EVOLUTION and the convincing Brose drive in the ERZBERG and ZELL as well as the high-tech carbon composite material used exclusively in the M1 frame construction.

Nothing moves you like this

Why we work only with M1

I want the best for our customers.

M1 Sporttechnik is made in germany and produce carbon bikes since 1994. M1 have the most experience & know how in the industry.

Especially for Tenerife we have the best drive units on the market. Brose and TQ have the most powerfull systems.

We concentrate our service and spare parts supply on one brand. The best experience with trust and partnership!

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