3D Printing

3D Parts
Development - (Re)-Design - Printing


  • Development

    Do you have an idea (Prototype) or a broken part? Then you are right with us. We develop your idea and bring it to the real world. We work with the world market leaders.
    From head to print.

  • (Re)-Design

    A broken part has two sides. In some cases there is only one side. We scan the part and redesign the lost side. In some cases there are no spare parts at all. 3D Printing is a perfect solution for unavailable spare parts.
    From scan to print.

  • 3D Printing

    We print in house with Ultimaker 3D printers. In complex cases we work with our partner companies in germany. One of our partner is IGO3D.

  • Pricing

    3D printing can be very simple but also highly complex. Send us a request. We will process it as soon as possible.

Our Services


  • - CAD Construction
  • - CAD Modeling
  • - CAD Design
  • - Network
  • - Design
  • - Tech
  • - Art
  • - 3D Scanning
  • - 3D Modeling
  • - 3D Re-Design
  • - Ultimaker 
  • - IGO 3D
  • - BASF

We have an excellent network in the field of additive manufacturing, drive trains and electronics.

Bike Specs

High end & Racing

We are specialized in Racing, Motorsport, Oldtimer, two wheeler and tech. In all cases we work with a lot of leading companies in germany.